SpongeBob Moves In 4.20.00 apk mod unlimited android games

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Popular strategy game Sponge Bob SpongeBob Moves In mod unlimited
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Nickelodeon media company in America is one of the largest film companies, offering Sponge Bob cartoon series has achieved great popularity. Lovely SpongeBob Sponge Bob character or movie these days that it’s valid is the view of many fans of all ages and class is different. Sponge Bob cartoon series team with a different style and they were able to attract a lot of attention. Funny scenes, interesting events and adventures that happen to Sponge Bob and his friends are enough to entertain everyone. Nickelodeon’s popular animated films, animations and making games is nothing new.
Features of this SpongeBob Moves In:
  • Official video taken from SpongeBob Moves In
  • Despite all the famous characters in the series Sponge Bob
  • Strategic and challenging style
  • The ability to play different characters, like Patrick, Sam, Mr. Crab, and …
  • Ability to build an underwater village famous Sponge Bob and his friends
  • Ability to manage the city in different sectors
  • Sponge Bob Pine Apple can build houses, stone houses Patrick and Mr Crab Restaurant
  • Ability to earn money by working in the restaurant, Mr. Crab
  • Personalize capacity building
  • Freeing up the ability to earn points and spend the most inaccessible
Changes in this version SpongeBob Moves In 4.20.00:
A Spooky Ship has crashed into Bikini Bottom, bringing with it a never ending night and pesky ghosts! Help SpongeBob rid the town of ghouls by dressing him up in costumes, feeding hungry ghosts and much more!
* Complete Halloween quests to get frightful and delightful decorations for your Bikini Bottom!
* Give characters nautical nonsense tasks that unlock funny animations!
* Collect costumes and dress SpongeBob up!
Strategy game SpongeBob Moves In:
The game plays Sponge Bob SpongeBob Moves In your role you loved the story. This version of the game to celebrate Halloween special flavor is slightly different from the regular version. Although the general nature of the game has not changed, but a change in appearance and personalization and a few others can be seen.This version of the story begins when a ship somewhere in the water spirits Sponge Bob and his friends scored sits and waves of the city flooded spirits are.
Now, your task will be to manage and deal with the undead! It might at first seem a little weird and scary, but after a while it becomes clear that the ghosts would be addressed if you do not have After satisfying their need to win. SpongeBob Moves In Pine Apple can play the famous home of Sponge Bob, Patrick and the restaurant’s stone crab house and make them deal with it. For example, you can bring in the restaurant’s lobster business to make money and pay Patrick to binge.
In the game, SpongeBob Moves In addition, the ability to perform various missions with the famous cartoon character Sponge Bob there. Style strategy game for the top view and the simulation genre has been declared. Mobile version of the game mode and the data file is ready for download APKHOUSE users.
Installation: The installation file to install the game. The game data folder on the sdcard / Android / obb place and play the run.

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