WhatsApp 2 Account in one Apps

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use two whatsapp in one android deviceA software to use the root account without a phone Whatsapp
OGWhatsApp can be a modified version of the original software, and the mode of expression called Whatsapp. Whatsapp main feature of this software to take advantage of two accounts on an Android phone.You’ll be able to Barny with two different numbers and different whatsapp registered and benefited from both accounts on one device and use.
Features of this OGWhatsApp 2.11.432:
** Ability to use two accounts on an Android device
** Ability to backup software
** Ability to select Bkvn Software
** Wipe data or Rystvr WhatsApp again.
The most important thing is named folders
Christmas with the first two numbers in one phone call and activate.
MCI ** ** ** Christmas based on the original WhatsApp WhatsApp OG **
The main WhatsApp install and activate it with MTN numbers
Please backup and then delete WhatsApp.
The folder / sdcard / WhatsApp to sdcard / OGWhatsApp change your name.
Home Vatsab install again but this time with the first number to enable it
OGWhatsApp then install and activate it with MTN numbers.
Note This method is for those who have WhatsApp installed on their phone can not do.
For those who have WhatsApp on your phone, take the following steps in
Let no one comes is now installed and you want to add MTN.
WhatsApp backup of your phone (if you need your messages)
WhatsApp to delete the route sdcard / WhatsApp to sdcard / OldWhatsApp change your name.
WhatsApp re-install the original but it enabled MTN numbers and WhatsApp to delete your backup.
Folder / sdcard / WhatsApp to sdcard / OGWhatsApp rename
The folder / sdcard / OldWhatsApp to sdcard / WhatsApp rename
Home WhatsApp installed and enabled mobile number
OG WhatsApp installed and enabled MTN numbers
Software training og whatsapp without a root (training s__xperia z2)
I’m 1’s director of education for owners of phones that are not routed approach had shown up to 2 Watts. OGwhatsapp up the download Knyd.vats delete the original folder but not the one in the phone memory is erased. Previous Watts up the renamed folder. Now go Watts up the install numbers in the new box. (Now you have an internal memory of 2 folder from Watts Up Previous renamed the new you) then ogwhatsapp the installation click on the folder old OGwhatsapp switch it off No. Qdymytvn up and enter the Enjoy up to 2 Watts.

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 OGWhatsApp 2.11.432 Apk
 Download Now File Size: 10.6 MB
Requires Android: 2.1+


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