Ice Age Village APK Mod v3.5.0l +Data (Unlimited Money, Offline)

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Ice Age Village is one of the most popular realtime casual games featuring:
• Immerse yourself in the one of a kind universe of Ice Age and interface with the greater part of your most loved characters 
• Play smaller than usual recreations highlighting Scrat, the universally adored saber-toothed squirrel 
• Build the most lovely town for all the animals of the Ice Age world 
• Level-up to get entrance to new creature species, cool structures, extraordinary adornments and substantially more 
• Funny journeys, side missions and extra day by day difficulties keep your town clamoring with action 
• Invite your companions from Gameloft LIVE! & Facebook to play 
• Visit the greater part of your companions' towns, deal with it and get remunerated for helping out 
• Frequent upgrades will incorporate new characters, structures, journeys and minimgames.

Download Ice Age Village APK Mod for Android 

What's new in the apk v3.5.0l?
• A parade of NEW ANIMALS like the Clownosaurus, Circus Mammoth, Circus Seal & more!
• A festival of NEW DECORATIONS - Sloth Poster, Concession Stand & more!
• It's the thrill of a lifetime with NEW ANIMATED FUN BUILDINGS
• Build the Three-Ring Tent, for the perfect sideshow venue!
• Catch a glimpse of NEW ANIMALS - Wild Boar & Stag Moose

APK Mod v3.5.0l (Unlimited money) OR  APK Normal + Data

Install the game apk, copy the extracted data folder to Android/data, and play online at 1st time.

What's new in the apk v3.3.1k?
• Sid's a lazy sloth, but YOU don't have to be! Keep up with your bustling village with 150+ new Quests!
• Check in on your Ice Age Village for new daily and community events!
• This update also includes bug fixes and other awesome improvements!

Drive: APK Mod  (Unlimited money)  OR APK Normal v3.3.1k + Data

Install the game apk, copy the extracted data folder to Android/data, and play online at 1st time.

What's new in the apk v3.1.1a?
- Collect sweet Chocolate-Covered Strawberries for NEW ITEMS in the VALENTINE'S EVENT, coming soon! <3
- NEW ANIMALS: Bonykisses, Valentapirs, Secret Seagulls & True-Love Triceratops are at home in - - NEW VALENTINE'S HABITATS!
- Steal a smooch in the NEW Secret Sweethearts FUN BUILDING!
- Darling NEW DECORATIONS: Chocolate Waterfall, Candy Apples & more!
- Declare your love with the NEW Be My Valentine HOLIDAY KIT!
- More to come with NEW MARDI GRAS & CHINESE NEW YEAR ITEMS on their way, too!
- Minor bug fixes. 

APK Mod 3.1.1a Offline, Money  + Data

Install the game apk, copy the extracted data folder to Android/data, and play.

Note: the game does not start in English. First, enter your age,.... then click STUFF/Options/Settings/Language to change language to English. 

What's new in v2.7.0?
- Have a ball in the newly soccer-themed Kung Fu Scrat mini-game.
- Collect the special Soccer Balls to unlock exclusive items that’ll never be available again!
- Create your own customized and animated stadium.
- Mix and match different fields and stands filled with cheering fans!
- Fill your village with Armadillos and Bonycaps wearing their favorite team’s colors.
- Support your team with epic Jerseys and bold flower-bed Flags.

APK official v2.7.0

What's new in v2.2.0?
- New Sid mini-game available at level 30: Oh no, Sid’s dropped his dino egg! Swim down and avoid the perils that lie beneath to reunite Sid and his precious egg!
- Make room at the holiday table for 9 new animal friends, including the Holiday Iguanodon, Rapto Claus, and more.
- Get cozy in special winter habitats that are covered in snow.
- We’ve done some housecleaning and installed a brand-new user interface to make things more vibrant and easy to use!
- Minor bug fix (Hyrax Tree is fixed too).

APK Mod v2.2.0 Unlimited Money


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